Bowe Bergdahl decision -  a decision has been rendered in the former Prisoner of War, ​Bowe Bergdahl, case.​​ Read the full story here.
Bergdahl's Attorney Wants Him to Receive POW Medal - Read the full story here.

Army tables decision on Bowe Bergdahl’s POW Medal and Purple Heart until after court-martial. Read the full story here.
Two new Department of Veteran Affairs initiatives
1. The White House VA Hotline now has 24/7 operations. This is not a replacement hotline, all other VA hotlines should still be utilized.  Factsheet attached for more information.
​2. The Veteran-Friendly Community Summit is on November 8th from 
​1-3pm EST. This is going to be a great event and the SECVA will be the keynote speaker. 
Flyer attached.
NEW Nationwide number for VA. 844 698 2311 - When you're not sure who to call, try this number to get information on where to go.  
More details ...
A Solemn Promise - America' Missing in Action - A compelling POW/MIA documentary witnessing the incredible lengths our country goes in order to find and identify our warrior's remains.  
Read all about this film and watch a 10-minute video.
DPAA Agency Video - The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel to their families and the nation. Learn more about the DPAA and watch their  video.  

POW/MIA Flag Raising Ceremony - HRR Member Kat McLaughlin conducted a POW/MIA Flag Raising  Ceremony.  
Read the full story and meet the participants.
​Military Science Class debuts -
College of the Ozarks debuts a new military science class. Patriotic Education/ Military Science is a four-credit course and is designed “to encourage an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibilities, love of country, and willingness to defend it.”
​New York Historical Society examines the Vietnam War in new exhibition - The POW/MIA situation after the war is less prominent. The 3,000-square-foot exhibit is roughly divided by U.S. presidents, with small sections devoted North Vietnam’s President Ho Chi Minh and South Vietnam’s President Ngo Dinh Diem.  
Read more . . .
Heading to Lawrence? Kansas that is! - An exhibit called
The League of Wives: Vietnam's POW/MIA Allies & Advocates is currently on display at the Bob Dole Institute. It tells the story of POW/MIA wives who demanded accounting for their husbands and pursued their safe return after years of imprisonment and torture by the North Vietnamese.
MIA Recovery Network - Use this as a donation template to reach out to any organizations in your area, whether local or in the DC area, national, and send the email to those groups you believe might have an interest. View the presentation.
Bits 'N' Pieces newsletter article by the late Lynn O'Shea entitled '19 New POWs Move Over, You're Getting Company, and We're About To Send DPMO Into Debunk Overdrive'. (2008)
POW / MIA's Report of the Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs - US Senate, January 13, 1993
A 1992 memorandum - Fascinating reading and many questions to ponder as the POW/MIA issue remains unresolved to date. A 49-page document prepared by Wick Tourison prior to hearings held by the Senate Select Committee in June 1992.​

"Soldier's Cross or Battlefield Cross Ceremony" - Ann M. Wolf
A moving collaboration honoring our Fallen, by Songwriter ​Ann M. Wolf & Combat Veteran, SSG Brad Heun
Robin Williams as 'The Flag"
Our flag has been in the news a lot lately.  Please watch this amazing video of Robin Williams impersonating it.  His presentation and comments are particularly germane today and I hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate HIS perspective on our flag.


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