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The two spreadsheets listed/linked below deal specifically with Korean War personnel who were/are categorized as POW/MIA/KIA Unknowns and whose remains are/may be buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, aka ‘Punch Bowl’.
To open the spreadsheets, double-click on  either 'spreadsheet' link below, then
click on the number that appears on the bottom of your screen .
    1.  The first spreadsheet provides us information as to where the remains
         came from and to whom the remains might be associated with based on
         research information.*

   2.  The second spreadsheet gives an alphabetical listing of ‘unaccounted for’
         names, and in columns H, I, & J it provides reference information to 
         Operation Glory file or X-Files case numbers.
The purpose of this effort is to give Families of Unaccounted For (MIA) from the Korean War a specific direction in which to commence their search. If they see their Soldier’s name in one of the columns, they should proceed to contact their Casualty Service Office and request to disinter that specific grave.  

Korean War
​POW/MIA/KIA Unknowns

The seventh column (Logical Association from File) in the above spreadsheet lists those that are the most likely candidates for these remains. This is the column families should study to see if their loved-one is among them. The second column is the grave in Hawaii in which the remains are buried. That’s the grave the family should request to be disinterred. The eighth column lists  those  identified over the years. The last column is obviously notes. Note how many guys were associated  with the remains, then forensically rejected in 1954, but then  positively identified as the same man in recent years!