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Missing, Presumed Dead
The Search for America's POWs

Hundreds of American POWs from the Korean War were abandoned in North Korea after hostilities ended in 1953. When it became apparent that repatriating these men would not be feasible, the U.S. government declared them, "Missing, Presumed Dead." Watch the entire video (click on the title in the left-hand column [Missing Presumed Dead].
A Soldier's Silent Night
We must Never Forget!

Newly unearthed video shows POWs

Enroute for a homecoming, this video shows POWs, who were held captive alongside John McCain, beginning their trip home to the US after being released from Vietnam
Statue for Warner Robins Vietnam veterans park tries to display survivor's guilt.
Statues honoring Vietnam veterans await final spot in Warner Robins
Expendable:   Abandoned POWs in Vietnam
View this 1-hour, 45-minute documentary regarding Bobby Garwood - POW-MIA issue)
One Empty Seat
POW/MIA Chair Of Honor Unveiled in the Capitol Building Emancipation Hall 11-8-2017.  From the desk via the Lens of Patrick Hughes, US Marine, Combat Veteran & Photographer Extraordinaire.
Prisoners of War - Stolen Freedom
Four service men tell their personal stories of perseverance through one of the worst missions that anyone can endure, surviving as a prisoner of war.
The Ride Home - National POW/MIA 
Event - Narration by Ann M. Wolf

The Ride Home Video Description: National POW/MIA Recognition Day by Presidential Decree, is commemorated the 3rd Friday of September each year and “The Ride Home” is a special event held that week, sponsored by the org, “Honor-Release-Return.” ​
'The Ride Home' - Moe Moyer on 
POW/MIA Event 

National POW/MIA Recognition Day by Presidential Decree, is commemorated the 3rd Friday of September each year ...
EX-POW Bill Norwood talks about 
coming home

Former Prisoner of War, Bill Norwood shares about returning home from Korea. He also expresses his appreciation ...
Solemn Promise
A compelling POW/MIA documentary witnessing the incredible lengths our country goes in order to find and identify our warrior's remains.  Read all about this film and watch a 10-minute video.
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA)
Learn more about the DPAA. Their mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel to their families and the nation.  
"Missing Man Table Ceremony" 
POW/MIA - Ann M. Wolf

Moving oration set to a stirring soundtrack with unforgettable images. This is a version of the widely cherished ...