Suggested Reading
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To the Last Man
by Alexander Cohen
The incredible true story of Sergeant William T. Miles.  This new non-fiction book solves a 66 year old Korean War MIA case. 
An American in the Basement    ​
​by Amy Waters Yarsinke

Gulf War 1 – the Scott Speicher story – Betrayal & cover-up.  The incredible story of denial, deceit, and deception that ultimately cost Navy pilot Captain Michael Scott Speicher his life is exposed in this military tell-all. Read more. 
America’s Abandon Sons
by Robert S.
For anyone that wishes to educate themselves on the issue of America's POW/MIAs, this is a must read. Today this regrettable saga is still one of America's most closely guarded secrets. 
A POW Story
by U.S. Army Doctor Hal Kushner
This story is about the "will to live" and the resilience of the human spirit 
by U.S. Army Doctor Hal Kushner, Former Vietnam Prisoner of War     

by Joseph Douglass 
J. Douglass documents the betrayal of missing American POWs after World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He tells in detail what happened and why, with firsthand testimony on U.S. and communist policies.
An Enormous Crime
by Hendon & Stewart 

The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia.  A dramatic history of living American soldiers left in Vietnam, and the first full account of the circumstances that left them there. 
Leave No Man Behind
by G. ‘Bill’ Bell  

"Leave No Man Behind" is the powerful story of Garnett "Bill" Bell's quest to find and bring home the POWs and MIAs of the Vietnam War. In this book, Bell shares his perspective as a witness to history as it unfolded. 
American Trophies: How American
POWs Were Surrendered to North
Korea, China, and Russia 

by Sauter and Zimmerlee

The story of American heroes kept by our country's enemies and Washington's failure to recover them. 
Abandoned in Place
by Lynn M. O'Shea

Provides a snapshot of the Vietnam POW/MIA issue from the signing of the Paris Peace Accords, in January 1973, ending American involvement in the war in Southeast Asia to the "dysfunctional" POW/MIA accounting effort
​of 2014.

Easy-t0-Read Fact Sheets to Help Get You Started
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The Issue
There ARE Live American Prisoners Of War in Southeast Asia and Our Government Knows it!
Historical Time Line with Comments
Lynn O'Shea's History Review
The National Alliance of Families Offers Recommendations . . .
Seven recommendations to correct past problems and regain the trust of POW/MIA families.
10 Key Pieces of Evidence
Evidence that men were left behind.
Lynn O'Shea 59 Small Numbers
19 New POWs Move Over, You're Getting Company, and We're About To Send DPMO Into Debunk Overdrive (September 2008)
“Military Tourism:” Washington’s Failing Recovery Program for America’s 83,000 POW/MIAs, 2005-2012 and beyond.
Alexander Fairfield's summary of a recent 2012 government POW/MIA accounting report concerning Washington’s inability to effectively resolve America’s long-standing backlog of 83,000 POW/MIA’s of the 20th century.
Program Performance Review  
An Unsolicited Program Performance Review of DoD’s new DPAA/JPAC mission by Alexander Fairfield. 
Inspect What YOU Expect
by Moe Moyer
The six expectations: Declassification, Database, DNA, Budget, Personnel, and Goals. It is time to instill this expectation in the effort to account for America’s Missing in Action/Unaccounted For. The goal: create accountability and efficiency amongst those who are responsible for the fullest possible accounting of America’s Unaccounted For from all previous conflicts/wars.   
Education is the key to the success of the POW/MIA Mission.  We must first EDUCATE 
ourselves so that we can speak  with confidence, then we must educate 
our friends and fellow veterans to the truth. 

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